Board & Executive Level Consulting

Strategy Architects typically works at senior executive and board level to assist in strategic decisions and demystify technology-speak to focus on key business objectives.

We have a wealth of experience in rationalising systems (often after mergers and acquisitions) taking into account various factors including skills, costs, technologies, trends, intellectual property concerns etc.

Specialised Software Solutions

While our engagements often start and end with consulting, a number of our projects have extended into full project implementations where we practice what we preach.

We have developed a user friendly but immensely powerful and flexible web-based software platform.

It is being used on iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, Linux workstations and others including old Blackberry phones (with some restrictions due to the Blackberry's small screen and older generation browser).

While the platform uses some of the leading web technologies, it is proven, solid, robust and secure, with years of development and ongoing refinement, built on top of decades of experience, informed of course by our experience in strategy, architecture and innovation.

Medical & Pharmaceutical Solutions

Our platform is used by a number of South African and international medical and pharmaceutical companies covering:

  • Integrated reporting including integration of data from SAP, Syspro and other back-office and distribution systems
  • Expense management and process control
  • Commission, leave, IRR, EVA and other key performance management metrics
  • Sales force / sales rep & territory management
  • Bespoke process management including management of all stages of new product certification, from planning to regulatory & product launch

The relevance of the platform is not limited to medical and pharmaceutical companies - other users of our system currently include:

  • Quantity surveyors, architects and project managers in the construction sector
  • Financial services organisations
  • Regulators and ombudsmen (who make use of our adaptive case management and process control components)